1.Does this dripper suit beans of all roast levels?

No. Light roast beans (with roast degree lower than City-) are recommended since as for darker roasts, the coffee will taste flat and chalky with impure flavors by using this dripper. So please ensure you check the roast level carefully before use this product.

2.Is this dripper suitable for all people regardless of their coffee-making experience?

No. Unfortunately, this dripper is not beginner-friendly, which would bring about dull or degraded flavors if used inappropriately. So you are suggested to have at least one year experience of pour-over, some knowledge of roast levels, brew methods, quality of and geographic influences on beans, but most of all, a good command of water flows. By doing so, the potential of this dripper can be realized to a maximized degree to make a cup with sparkling acidity and rich tasting notes.

3.Does the use of this dripper guarantee an awesome cup of coffee?

No. I believe tools assist rather than replace human to achieve the goal, that is, to make a dream cup of coffee so that close and active cooperation between the two is the key. When you apply to brewing your deepened understanding of the dripper and pour-over factors, the flavors of your coffee will grow with increased purity and full-bodied tastes, even if the beans are unchanged.

4.What are the strength and weakness of this dripper?

This dripper is like a flavor magnifier. Its advantage is to greatly enhance coffee’s purity and richness with proper beans and adept technique while it will also largely expose the defects of beans in an opposite situation. However, it allows you to re-evaluate and improve the quality of beans and your brew skills in pursuit of your perfect cup.

5.Is it necessary to change my original way of brew when I use this dripper?

Not really. You just need to align three points-the pour spout, the hole on (the lowest point of the rim) and the center of the dripper before you pour water from the center outward in swirling motion. In this way, it will call for less efforts to pour water in a steady manner since the arm moves in an oblique instead of plane circular pattern.

6.Is there any special requirement for filter papers?

Yes. Only 60° filter papers for 4 cups can be used. You need to fold the paper with a folding board to fit the dripper accordingly since the V-shaped angle is 50° not 60°. Although the paper fold can theoretically affect the extraction rate and in turn the tasting notes, there is no obvious changes of flavors detected based on my paper fold-experiment data gathered for two years.

7.What are the instructions for maintenance?

Clean the dripper with water after each use and wash it with detergent regularly. Please use the scrub sponge for glass and ceramic in case the surface is scratched.

8.Why is one dripper for one order?

For our first batch of products, instead of mass production, it is qualify-focused but limited in number. We endeavour to offer best-quality drippers and sincerely hope that more people could try them this time. Thus, temporarily we have to provide only one dripper for one order. We are doing our best to give you pleasant coffee experience and satisfy your needs and won’t keep you waiting for too long. Thanks for your understanding.

9.How long can I receive the product after I make the order?

Under normal conditions, shipments will need about 10 business days. If there is any damage caused by shipment to the product, please send an email to sales@hsiaocoffee.com and we will arrange redelivery without charge. However, replacement and return for any other reason are not accepted.

10.Why still can't I track the parcel ordered even two weeks ago?

First, the internatioanl delivery is complicated itself with one or even more transfers, which would be heavily impacted by many other unpredictable factors. To cope with that, we do our best to send your parcel after you place the order. 

Second, due to the pandemic, there is a severe delay for the delivery company in updating the information even if they have received the parcel from us.