My stereotypical impression of coffee as intensely bitter black liquid with somewhat ashy, smoky and woody scents has been totally changed when I had my first sip of pour-over of light roasts in 2014. I fell in love with it immediately for its brightness and refreshing acidity, full of fruity and floral aromas. Since then, I have been dedicated to pour-over coffee of light roasts to make it bright and smooth with rich floral and fruity tasting notes, by preserving and enriching as much of original and unique flavors of beans as possible.

However, in 2018 it got me frustrated because no matter how I adjusted pour-over factors and methods, I couldn't uncover more flavors of light roast complexities and intensify the brightness. This motivated me to adapt the brewing equipment for improvement. Then I spent half a year experimenting with drippers of various structures, but still didn't get the expected result. Therefore, I decided to design this dripper. Based on the brewing data of more than 500 kinds of beans I collected for six years and testing statistics of different drippers, five proposals and two samples were made and constantly refined until the final product is launched, aspiring to assist in unveiling more flavors of light roast and enable it to realize the flavory potentials.